School Campaign “Disinformation in the Context of War”

desinformação em contexto de guerra


The Directorate-General for Education, within the scope of the SeguraNet Awareness Centre from Portuguese Safer Internet Centre and within the framework of the National Education Strategy for Citizenship (Media domain) launches the School Campaign “Disinformation in the Context of War”.

This campaign, consisting of a set of illustrations with recommendations about the veracity and reliability of information in times of conflict. Aims not only to alert, but also to raise awareness in children and young people to disinformation issue, at a time that a war is happening in Europe.

This campaign also includes testimonies from Ukraine teacher and national experts:

Oksana Pasichnyk, Lviv, Ukraine (Testimony in English)

Maria José Brites, Lusófona University

Vítor Tomé, Council of Europe

It also includes meetings and webinars recordings on the subject:

- Webinar "Media freedom: a victim of war?" – initiative in partnership with GILM (Informal Group on Media Literacy):

- Webinar "Disinformation and Security - Challenges for Citizenship" – initiative in partnership with GILM and GNS (National Security Office) – soon online.

- VI National Media Education Meeting - Freedom of the press these days – soon online. Meeting book at:Livro_6_encontro_nacional_dos_media.pdf.

It is suggested that the campaign contents be disseminated and addressed to children and young people. It is also recommended that it be disseminated to the educational community, in general, through class directors or other teachers who have more direct contact with parents and guardians. It should be noted that, due to the relevance of the theme, the contents of this campaign may also be of interest to local authorities, youth associations, among others.

See the illustrations gallery with recommendations:

Illustration 1

illustration 1

Illustration 2

illustration 2

Illustration 3

illustration 3

Illustration 4

illustration 4

Illustration 5

illustration 5